Name: Matt

Age: 22

Started MC on: 21 May 2011

General Information: Matt is in control of everything to do with Crystal Skies. He created the whole of the Survival spawn including the mountains and does most of the important buildings on the server. He loves terraforming and can create an island in the middle of the ocean that looks like it was naturally generated. Matt likes to make sure that everything done on the server is up to a high standard.




Name: Paige

Age: 20

Started MC on: 27 May 2012

General Information: Paige is in charge of all the artwork that is done on the website and on the server. She also makes sure that everyone is having fun and often goes out of her way to make sure that everyone is enjoying their time on the server. Paige loves brewing potions and has even started a potion shop on the Vanilla server. She’s knowledgeable about Minecraft and the plugins on the Survival server.



Name: Ed

Age: 18

Started MC on: ???

General Information: Ed is in charge of hosting the server and website. His role involves making sure that everything is up and running and that there are no issues behind the scenes. Although Ed doesn’t play Minecraft much, he is sometimes found on the Survival server. If the server is constantly having issues, he’s the best person to let know, as he’ll be able to sort it out quickly. Ed is a good person to joke around with, as shown by the unscramble on the Survival server which is “ed smells”.



Name: Gem

Age: 19

Started MC on: 11 May 2012

General Information: Gem is in charge of the decoration of spawn and buildings. She is obsessed with flowers and dogs. She’s always looking for something to do and can be found walking around looking lost normally. Gem is a total anime fan, so if you want to know what anime to watch next, she’s definitely the person to ask as she’s seen most of them. Gem is happy to help out players, although they may find themselves surrounded by flowers.



Name: Norah

Age: 18

Started MC on: 4 November 2012

General Information: Norah is in charge of making sure everyone on the server is having fun and enjoying their time on the server. She’s energetic and loves talking to people. She’s actually Dutch, however her English is better than a lot of people in England, although sometimes she may forget words. Norah is learning to be a chef, so point food related questions towards her as she’ll be able to answer them better than other staff.




Name: Alice

Age: 20

Started MC on: 4 January 2013

General Information: Bear is in charge of making sure that everyone is following the rules. She’s always watching players to make sure that they aren’t x-raying, hacking, griefing or raiding. She is a fun person to talk to and play with, so if you’re bored and wanting someone to talk to, Alice is a good person to talk to. She’s also sometimes a troll, so keep an eye out for that and take everything she says lightly, as you never know when she’s trolling.



Name: Classified.

Age: Classified.

Started MC on: Classified.

General Information: This is Yoni and we all love him.